Athletes who work with a coach are more likely to see greater progress and goal achievement than athletes who train on their own. Multisport Endurance Academy will help you identify your athleticgoals, and then will give you the support and tools to accomplish them.  We work with athletes of ALL ability levels who are training for any distance race or triathlon.

Multisport Endurance Academy will help you:

  • define—and meet—your goals and race objectives,
  • keep you consistent and motivated.
  • show you proper technique, form,  help prevent injuries.
  • give you great tips for nutrition and fueling.

Benefits of Multisport Endurance Coaching:

  • Daily Training Schedules delivered via Training Peaks and Email
  • An experienced Coach and triathlete to motivate, support, and educate you
  • Monthly assessments to measure your progress and plan accordingly
  • Individualized Training plans
  • Custom Strength and Mobility programs
  • Customized training on technique, Form, Fueling, Nutriton, and recovery

About Coach Tim Sorensen, CPT

 Tim Sorensen, marathoner, triathlete, and Ironman© veteran was introduced to the multi-sport lifestyle over a decade ago.  Since then, he has trained, raced, and studied in order to share his passion for the multisport lifestyle with athletes of all levels and disciplines.  With his certifications as a health & fitness professional from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), USA Triathlon, and Ironman Certified Coach, he brings his knowledge and years of experience to all of his clients. With Multisport Endurance Academy, Tim is able to advance triathletes and endurance athletes to their race and fitness goals. By partnering with his clients, he is able to provide athletes with innovative and cutting edge programs and workouts to achieve the your desired results.  Tim's goal is to empower individuals to achieve a higher level of overall health & fitness through personalized individual training programs.  

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