Run Training and Coaching

As in any other sport, working on and improving your technique will lead to a more efficient run while expending less energy. Given the wide variety of recommendations provided by running experts, it is easy to get confused when trying to figure out what your feet should be doing. We can help with that. Multisport Endurance Academy will teach you proper form and will give you the tools to lengthen and strengthen the appropriate muscles for the most efficient run form. This will result in faster times during your training and racing along with a lower risk of injury. Injuries from running are far more pervasive than most sports. If you have a history of running related problems, it may be a indication that your running technique needs to be adjusted.

Triathlon Run Training:

Running in a triathlon is different than pure run racing. In a triathlon you start the run portion of the race with your muscles already fatigue, having completed the swim and bike portions.  It is important to learn to use fatigued muscles that have a limited range of motion efficiently. Efficiency will come from not only proper technique but the ability to run fast on fatigued and tight legs. To be able to do this you must develop the skills to help you race faster while minimizing injuries.   Efficiency comes from technique but does it come from ability to run faster on fatigued legs?…seems like should be Proper technique promotes efficiency and enhances the ability to run fast on fatigued and tight legs.  Multisport Endurance Academy will help you develop the skills and technique to increase your efficiency and race faster, while minimizing injuries.)

Road and Trail Run Training

Whether you are running your first 5K or training for an ultra, Multisport Endurance Academy will give you the skills to be successful. With focused, personalized training we will help you develop the techniques to compete at any distance Using individualized and structured training plans that include skill building drills, recovery activities, nutrition guidance, strength training, and race-day prep, you will be sure to reach your running goals. 



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