Swim Training and Coaching

With Multisport Endurance Academy you can build your confidence and learn to swim with ease in any distance triathlon. Swimming is a technique sport.  Skill, hydrodynamics, and efficiency are every bit as important as strength and fitness. Your race will be far more enjoyable and successful when you are confident about your swimming. To master the swim leg of a triathlon you will need to do more than simply plough up and down the lanes of your local pool. By incorporating key drills in easy-to-follow workouts and training plans you will swim faster and more efficiently. We will give you quick and simple techniques to go from swimming in a pool to excelling in the open water. You will also receive valuable insights and tips to power you through any condition to achieve breakthrough performances. Not only will you learn to finish the swim portion of your race strong, but you will also discover that you will have more energy to give on the bike and the run.


  • Swim stroke analysis
  • Video analysis
  • Swim specific training plans


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